Jaime Jackson is a moving image/digital & relational artist and visual art producer. His work explores the gap, distance and separation from the natural world that many people experience today- particularly in busy metropolis. Jaime collaborates with scientists and researchers within the Biophilic City Network to develop methodologies of practice around process based Biomimicry and Biophilia.

He develops art practice to communicate scientific policy advice and scientific insights to society and industry in ways that they can understand and in so doing make an important contribution to innovation and sustainable development.Jaime Jackson’s work develops a visual art language through engagement and cocreation that transcends social boundaries. He works with non-university research institutions, universities, as well as research-oriented transfer and business companies communicate to each other and the wider public. Basec on a broad concept of transfer, using art as a cultural social exchange between science on the one hand and society, politics and business on the other, to make the innovation potential of environmental science and research landscape more accessible to people from society, culture, politics and the economy for the benefit of present and future generations.

Engaging communities in digital environmental projects through relational practice Jaime stages digital and traditional interventions in this gap, to re-imagine or re‐connect these biomimicry connections with nature via contemporary art using moving image installations and architectural projections.

Jaime currently works with:

Visual art project space Salt Road. Artist Director

Environmental charity New Leaf . Artist Director

IAN, Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation (NPO) Rural Media’s Invisible Art Network. Steering panel member

ACE NPO Meadow Arts. Creative Practioner

RAW CIC at Kingdom Projects. Lead relational artist

STEAMhouse Artist collaborator