Jaime Jackson is a moving image and digital artist, interested in site specific projections on to and into buildings, working away from the screen using buildings and landscapes as canvas. Working in the public and community sector searching out meta-narratives found in social movements, history, sustainability and nature; forming linkages between things to create unusual open pathways for partnership working and commissioning.

His work as a relational practitioner makes art based on, or inspired by, human relations and their social context. working as a facilitator seeing art as information exchanged between the artist, the co-creational participants and the viewers.

The relational practice exists to enable disparate groups and circles of communities to link together in the sharing of the making of a formally composed set of actions to co-create an artwork as a collective, allowing space for personal reflection and creativity it challenges the separation and individually culture of the present, the I being separate from the other.

Jaime's practice is as a biomimcry-ists exploring our distance to nature where human activity is understood as a separate category from other natural phenomena.


Never kill the bees 10'44" looped installation - no audio ACE funded commission