Jaime Jackson is a collaborative biophilic digital and relational artist. His practice uses digital technologies including motion capture, augmented reality and moving image (film). His work explores the gap and separation from the natural world that people experience today. Born in Oxford he has a degree in Fine Art Painting from Coventry University and trained in Arts Management at Sussex University. Jaime has recently shown artwork at Latitude, Kingdom Project, Bloomsbury festival, Ikon Gallery and Sluice Berlin, his last exhibition for sluice.info was at AMP gallery, London.

He is member of contemporary artist networks including STEAMhouse Birmingham, Invisible Art Network, New Art West Midland’s Engine Room program and Meadow Arts Creative Partnership.

Jaime collaborates with scientists and researchers in climate change, biomimicry (learning from nature to solve human-made problems), biophilia (love/affinity with nature), and the social sciences. He develops collaborative art practices to communicate and interpret climate change science through the lens of biomimicry.

Current projects include an international collaboration between the University of the Basque Country, the Basque Centre for Climate Research BC3, the University of Birmingham and Birmingham City Council developing a joint seminar and exhibition program on art and climate change in 2020.

Moving image projection mapping for the Invisible Art Network, Hereford.

Jaime engages communities in digital environmental projects through relational practice Jaime stages digital and traditional interventions in this gap, to re-imagine or re‐connect these biomimicry connections with nature via contemporary art using moving image installations and architectural projections.

Jaime founded Phoenix Gallery and Studios in Brighton (1991), which provides studio spaces and workshops for over 100 artists and runs a visual art exhibition program. He has delivered over £2,000,000 public realm art programs in the UK in London, the Midlands and the South. He is Artist Director of the visual art organisation Salt Road.