Moving image

Falling Apart 2022. A moving work using Motion Capture and Premier Pro. ‘Falling Apart’ is a symbol for living in a time crisis. I commissioned the dancer Shelley Eva Haden to move to my instructions. I filmed at BCU’s Visual Effects Motion Capture Studio. Shelley wore a Mocap suite with sensors which were tracked to create a 3D digital model which was turned into the CGI character. As Shelley rolled on the floor some of the sensors came off the suit, causing the software to de-construct the digital body.


Union of Trades June 2021, with dancer Will Hodson for 2Faced Dance Company, Arts Council England funded Traders tracks program. Filmed at Croft Ambrey and Risbury Iron Age camps. Traders tracks explores pre-Roman trading pathways inspired by Alfred Watkins early 20th Century Postal Club (Ley) Archive held in Hereford Archives and Record Centre. The two Iron Age camps were mapped in June 1921 on Waktin’s first Ley 100 years ago.


‘Uneasy Dreams’, motion capture moving image installation, Manchester Contemporary 2019 

‘Mudra’, motion capture moving image installation, Sluice Berlin 2019 

‘Presencing’, motion capture moving image installation, 2020;