Moving image

Jaime creates moving image artworks for commission in collaboration with dancers to produce embodied artwork installations based on the idea that we nature. That nature is a sustainable mutually beneficial system of interdependency, our feeling of separation is what has caused the earth crisis and by exploring what being nature feels like will help us adapt and mitigate to the climate and ecological crisis.

‘If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear as it is, infinite. For we have closed ourselves up, till we see all things through chinks of our cavern.’ William Blake 1790 A Memorable Fancy

Arts Council England funded commission for Hereford River Carnival, with dancer Awantika Dupey

Arts Council England funded commission with dancer Ella-Rose Jones, filmed at Queenswood country part arboretum.

An AI Machine Learning moving image work from an archive created in response to the ecological crisis by the artist Jaime Jackson with over 300 people at the National Trust’s Brockhampton Estate Orchards Herefordshire. Part of Salt Road’s We Foragers Unquiet Arts Council England funded program. Jaime invited people from Birmingham and National Trust visitors to imagine they were bees pollinating the orchard’s fruit blossoms in April and May 2023.

AI machine learning work made from a dataset of plankton imagery, for a British Council commission with Future fantastic festival in Bangalore India. Linking with marine scientists from Plymouth Marine Lab and Liverpool University.

Part of the Traders Tracks program, with dancer Will Hodson from 2Faced Dance Company. Filmed at Croft Ambrey and Risbury Iron Age Camps, an Arts Council England funded New Leaf and Salt Road project curated by Dr Sally Payen. Exploring pre-Roman trading pathways inspired by Alfred Watkins early 20th Century Postal Club (Ley) Archive held in Hereford Archives and Record Centre. Croft Ambrey Iron age camp was mapped in June 1921 on Waktin’s first Ley 100 years ago.

An Arts Council England funded motion capture moving image commissioned work for Manchester Contemporary exploring transformation and crisis

A moving image commission for Vivid Projects Black Hole Club Birmingham, collaboration with the Tibetan calligraphic artist Tashi Mannox

A moving image installation loop to be seen horizontally as a table top museum type installation. Part of Outrider an Arts Council England libraries fund set of artist commissions based on the Alfred Watkins bee keeping archive at Hereford library. Never kill the bees is based on Charles Butler’s (1560–1647) classic book The Feminine Monarchie, and a chapter titled ‘ the bees enemies’ originally published by Joseph Barnes, Oxford, in 1609. The title expresses Butler’s main and revolutionary idea that the colony is governed, not by a king-bee, as Aristotle claimed, but by a queen-bee. Never Kill the bees links 17th century wisom with 19th Century invention through Alfred Watkins (originator of the Ley Line theory and inventor of the photographic Bee light meter), with today’s genocide of bees ‘Sub-lethal exposure to neonicotinoids impaired honey bees

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