Mixed Reality & AI

Jaime works in digital visual processes, exploring AR, AI, laser mapping and motion capture to explore our connections to nature.

‘We could view the trees as cracks in glasses. We could adopt that change in perception. The space that exists around you could be solid – and you could be only a hollow in the middle of that solid space’ Trungpa Rinpoche 1974

Mixed reality can challenge our assumptions, it can provide a glimpse of reality away from our conceptualizing mind of what we already believe things to be.

There are many ethical issues around digital art-making processes. I create my own data sets for AI modelling to stop data scrapping of the internet, AI uses people’s on-line material without consent. The environmental impact of digital art making for me is a systemic problem, with big petrol-chemical interests lobbying to stop green alternative technology development research and funding, promoting climate denial ‘research’. As an environmental and ecological crisis artist I feel that the ethical responsibility sits with big business, the mainstream media and and government. The first scientific environmental impact research by the petrochemical industry took place in 1978, they knew then everything we all know today.

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