Jaime Jackson’s touch screen photo booth relational installation for Green man festival as part of the ACE Treeline Program of artist commissions for New Leaf

Jaime Jackson is a level 1 &2 Arts Award assessor running  acredited art training through Trinity College London.

He works on social activism and engagement projects linked to climate crisis, where participants co-create artworks, based on an interpersonal level of communication which connects people to one another and to aspects of their own creativity and imagination that they have not utilized, in order to bring about individual and collective social change.

In relational art, the participants are actively involved in collaboration. Rather than the artwork being an encounter between a viewer and an object, relational art produces encounters between people. Through these encounters, meaning is elaborated collectively, rather than in the space of individual passive viewing. Jaime delivers relational practice workshops and events for schools Universities Colleges, Galleries, and cross-sector partners based on art and activism leading to social change.

Jaime Jackson 2015, Ikon Gallery Birmingham. Workshops leading to co-created content using collage photography moving image, digital editing and a touch screen app developed by Jaime Jackson and John Sear at the University of Birmingham’s Digital Humanities Hub


Lead relational artist for Sally Payen’s Fence and the Shadow Greenham Com mon  Peace Camp exhibition at the mac Birmingham November 2017, workshops at the mac, Greenham Youth club, Newbury College, Newbury Museum and Art Gallery.


Biophilic cities conference urban planning workshop for the University of Greenwich school of design. Getting landscape architects and other Biophilic professionals from around the world to co-create artwork based on biphilia (love of nature). Workshop for the Activating Biophilic Cities Conference 2018.


Digital touchscreen interactive installation for Green Man Festival 2017



Relational practice, public realm commissions, workshop leader and events:

British Council and Thames Festival Trust funded Biomimicry workshop with Severn Arts and the Worcestershire Arts Partnership at the Hive Worcester November 2018

Activating Biophilic Cities conference urban planning workshop for the University of Greenwich school of design. September 2018

Moving image installation at the former USAF Greenham control tower, work made by 40 amazing local young people and adult participants in a day care centre in Greenham, based on their bio portraits/connection to nature. Part of the Wildlife Trust‘s Linking Landscape project. June 2018

University of Wales Trinity St David conference artist workshop leader on action and activism

Arts Council England funded MAC Birmingham Terrace Gallery lead relational artist, part of Sally Payen’s The Fence and the Shadow exhibition Women in protest season, October – November 2017

Ikon Gallery Digital artist workshops and installation projections for the Ikon Youth Program November 2015

MAC Birmingham Craftivism workshops artist as part of The Fence and the Shadow Women in protest season, October 2017

The Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs of the Spanish Embassy in London, FOTCIENCIA 13: DEBATE. Is more scientific culture the solution to crises, presentation on Biomimcty project, August 2017

Where Am I?  Is an exploration of self and identity, place and environment, journeys and stories, lead artist with MediaSHYPP Supported Housing  for Young People Project August 2017

MozFest artist touchscreen workshop London 2016

Ikon Gallery June 2015, a series of workshops leading to a digital installation performance in the Gallery with Open Social Ikon Gallery May 2015, leading workshops with the Artist Teachers Scheme

Shireland Collegiate 2015 Sandwell, artist in residence, working with 3 classes over a month to produce content for Outrider exhibition

Aylestone School Hereford, 2014- 15 artist working with year 8 to produce content for Outrider exhibition

Phoenix Collegiate Sandwell 2014- 2015, artist producing content with students for exhibition

JIGSAW Dancefest, workshops with young people in schools and colleges across Herefordshire – video art & live Vj performances 2012 -2010

Common Land education program leader Hereford Photography Festival, clients and participants – Royal National College for the Blind, Hereford College of Arts, Herefordshire Council Looked After children Unit, Whitecross School Hereford, St Marys School Hereford, John Kyrle High School Ross on Wye, Herefordshire Council Youth Services, Ross, Hereford & Leominster 2009-2011

Midlands Architecture and the Built Environment MADE, project leader Youth Spaces program, Worcester City Council Youth services, Worcestershire Council, Birmingham City Council, Herefordshire Council 2010

Jaime was public art officer, project officer and art consultant for:

Milton Keynes Council 2008 – 2010

Salt Road – 2001 to present

Eastleigh Borough Council 2001- 2002

South East Arts 2000-2001

Southampton City Council 1999- 2000

Contemporary Art Society Projects, London 1997- 1998

Southern Arts Touring Exhibition Officer 1996-1997

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