‘Mechanical Pollinators’

Salt Road’s Arts Council England funded moving image commission.

Mechanical Pollinators 12’22” installation loop

‘Love And Extinction’ is a ML generated moving image work responding to the ecology crisis by Jaime Jackson. The work was made from a photographic archive of over 300 participants at the National Trust’s Brockhampton Estate Orchards, Herefordshire, as part of Salt Road’s We Foragers Unquiet Arts Council England funded program. In April and May 2023, Jaime in partnership with Culture Declares Emergency Birmingham hub invited people from Birmingham to the estate and photographed their hands, inviting them to imagine they were bees pollinating the orchard’s fruit blossoms. He also engaged with visiting National Trust members and passers-by.

‘Nature is biodiversity…We have to keep feeling our way through the crisis. We have to feel frightened, to feel the loss and not just understand it…. When you intuitively understand another being, you enter into a kind of love.’ – Michael Soule, We Only Protect What We Love, interview with Leath Tonino, Issue 508. ‘The Sun Magazine.’

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