Motion Capture

Motion capture moving image installation for Salt Road’s booth at The Manchester Contemporary. A new work by Jaime Jackson collaborating with the dancer Shelley Haden and Janete Domingues from Birmingham City University’s Film Technology and Visual Effects degree in the school of Computing and Digital Technology.

A work that explores our connections in the liminal boundaries between the digital and the real, the human and the natural. It was supported by an artist collaboration development bursary from Rural Media Company’s Invisible Art Network.

October 2019 HD moving image loop 3’50”

Moving image installation Manchester Contemporary, October 2019

The liminality between the real human dance and the virtual computer generated body, the glitching movements of the digital body abstracting the form of the dancer as the computer loses motion capture reference points ,which drop off the dancer’s body as she moves across the ground. A female dancer becoming a male digital body. All point to Jaime’s interest in subverting what we think of as real, to open up the possibility that reality is not necessarily what we are led to believe.

Salt Road at The Manchester Contemporary included the work of artists Sally Payen and Jaime Jackson

Motion capture (mo-cap) is the process of recording the movement of objects or people Jaime recording the actions of a contemporary dancer and used that information to animate a male digital character. The Manchester Contemporary takes a uniquely artist-focused approach, inviting the most exciting international and UK galleries to participate. With careful selection and bold curatorial vision, The Manchester Contemporary showcases the strength of the UK’s regional artists and galleries alongside key international presentations that can only be seen in Manchester. 

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